5 good reasons to drink tea made from green coffee

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5 good reasons to drink tea made from green coffee

There are many good reasons for drinking tea made from green coffee beans. Here are the 5 most important reasons:

 1. Green coffee is good for your health

Green coffee is rich in antioxidants, chlorogenic acids and caffeine. Antioxidants, such as vitamine C, help the body get rid of free radicals. Chlorogenic acid lowers the risk of diabetes 2. Caffeine improves concentration and gives you an energy boost. Tea made from ground green coffee also contains these healthy substances.

2. Green coffee is raw

During the roasting process a dramatical chemical change occurs, giving rise to over 800 chemical compounds. During roasting many nutriens are lost. Green coffee beans are unroasted and therefore raw. Tea made from ground green coffee beans is pure and contains alle the original nutrients. Watch here on Youtube how roasting coffee beans effect the quality of the beans.

3. Green coffee has an unique flavor

During the roasting process the taste and aroma of the coffee beans changes radically. Raw, unroasted coffee beans have a unique, herblike flavor. Try Green Coffee Tea! No guts, no glory…..

4: Tea made from green coffee beans is new!

Green coffee is widely known for its health benefits. Tea made from green coffee beans however, is completely new! We put raw, ground coffee beans in teabags, without additives. Simple, healthy and easy. The comfort of tea and the kick of coffee!

5: Tea from green coffee is a healthy energy drink

Tea made from green coffee contains caffeine, which gives you a nice energy boost. It also is chock-full with antioxidants like vitamine C. The chlorogenic acid boosts your metabolism. Green Coffee Tea is a healthy thirst quencher, full with vitamines. It contains no calories and no additives. Make sure you try the original Green Coffee Tea!
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A classic tea cup and saucer

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